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Regression Therapy

As we go about our day-to-day lives there may be a sense that events from our pasts are affecting the present - causing blocks in our relationships and our health, affecting how we feel day-to-day and even hampering our success. Memories of these events sit in our unconscious minds and no matter how we make sensible plans, old patterns can reoccur and there may be a feeling that something is not working. 

How does Regression Therapy work?

Using hypnosis, Regression takes a journey into these memories, in a safe and supported way to release emotions that have been causing such an effect in the present time. 
A variety of techniques such as Body (Somatic) Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Gestalt and Energy Clearance are used to transform further anything that is found, in order to achieve resolution. If  
It works for the mind, the emotions, the body and even our energetic selves. The journey may lead into a current life, a past life, or even both, according to where the source of the presenting problem is to be found. It applies to any time prior to the current moment.
In Regression Therapy, hypnosis allows a deep focus on past memories encountered. This is similar to reading a good book where you are absorbed in the twists and turns of the story, yet you know where you are and you hear the doorbell if it rings.  
For the session you will lie on a mattress with a blanket over you. The session will last 2 - 3 hours and can be paused for toilet breaks.  

What can it help?

    Relationship issues – personal, professional and social; or even looking for that special someone
    Emotional issues such as anxiety, anger/rage, low mood, jealousy, sadness, grief, loneliness and jealousy
    Trauma – emotional, mental, physical and sexual
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Unexplained physical symptoms - such as IBS, pain and muscle tension
    Lack of life direction

There is no requirement to have a spiritual belief to experience the benefits of Regression Therapy; you will simply experience what you need. If the session takes you into a past life, a past life story provides exactly the same therapeutic benefit as a visit to memories of an actual past life.
Current life events may well keep the session within this lifetime, without effort, however I have on occasion found it beneficial to visit a past life to see if there is anything there that may be contributing to the current issue. If it is important to you that we only work in this lifetime, please let me know at the start of the session. All other aspects can be discussed to ensure that it will work for you.


'I'm sure I've never felt happier in myself'

Kate, Taunton

What results do clients achieve? 

One of the particular benefits of this therapy is that changes can follow without conscious effort; in fact, many of the benefits achieved are unexpected and simply seem to appear following sessions. This is because we journey to the source of a problem and this source may have been driving a number of issues.

    Improved confidence, both in the mind and the body
    Improvements in, or elimination of, physical symptoms such as pain and insomnia
    Achievement of personal goals, improved life circumstances and feeling able to move forwards
    Happier, closer, more open relationships and improved feelings of wellbeing
    Elimination of phobias
    Freedom from the effects of trauma

How many sessions will be required?

The number of sessions required is in the region of 1 - 5, however most clients have seen their desired results after 1 - 2 sessions.

Regression Therapy via a Surrogate

We are all connected and working via a surrogate allows help to be given to someone who is not able to receive Regression Therapy directly, perhaps due to medications or chronic illness. The surrogate will attend the session and the end receiver will simply need to give permission for the session to occur. If you intend to be a surrogate then you will need to have a close relationship with the person who will be receiving the help. You will also benefit from the session.