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Tel: 07973 767039

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How does it work?

Our conscious minds are busy organising our daily activities, yet we have natural states of hypnosis when we are driving, watching TV, absorbed in a hobby or reading a book. During these times the conscious mind is naturally calmed.
During a hypnotherapy session, hypnosis is used to relax the mind even further and achieve a deep state of relaxation. Once in this deeply relaxed state, the subconscious mind becomes receptive to positive suggestions and visualisation, in order to create new and more effective ways of being. Examples include the eradication of poor habits, phobias and anxiety, or aiding willpower in order to achieve positive results.
During the session we can communicate to the subconscious mind your new found confidence, resilience and self assurance.


What can Hypnotherapy help?

I provide Hypnotherapy to help with the following:

    Smoking Cessation
    Performance anxiety – interviews, exams, presentations, driving tests, wedding day
    Sleep problems
    Phobias such as fear of flying, heights, needles, animals
    Sports performance
    Confidence building
    Unwanted habits, for example nail biting

Smoking Cessation

During the two-hour session we communicate to the subconscious mind the benefits of being a non-smoker, the new and positive feelings that come with this new way of being and the freedom that it brings. As with all hypnotherapy, it works at a deeper level than our day-to-day thinking, thereby giving stronger resources to break the habit and remain cigarette-free. A reinforcement recording is provided to use at home, in order to strengthen the effects of the session.

Motivation to stop smoking is important in order to gain full benefit and I can provide additional sessions in order to aid this.