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Tel: 07973 767039

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'Ever since happiness heard your name it has been running through the streets trying to find you' - Hafez

About Louise

I provide Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy in Taunton, online, or by visit to your home. I will be very happy to chat about the way in which my therapies can assist you and answer any questions that you may have. If you find it convenient, you can book a no-obligation introductory chat, or even a full session, via the link at the top of this website.

I can help you with:  

    relationship issues – personal, professional and social; or trying to find that special someone.
    emotional states such as anxiety, anger, low mood, jealousy, sadness, grief and stress.
    the effects of all types of trauma - emotional, mental, physical, sexual and PTSD.
    disturbing/obsessive thoughts and nightmares. 
    unexplained physical symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and IBS.
    phobias and unhealthy habits such as smoking.
    lack of life direction. 

Results experienced by clients include:

    feeling happier, confident, self assured and more relaxed.
    no longer feeling the need to hide perceived body imperfections and instead feeling confident in appearance.
    elimination of physical symptoms such as pain and insomnia.
    happier, closer, transformed relationships.
    elimination of the effects of trauma.
    resolution of long-standing problems in the workplace.
    feeling able to move forwards in life with confidence.

Therapies Available

Regression Therapy


A transformative therapy that journeys to the source of current problems in order to achieve harmonious relationships, freedom from the effects of trauma and PTSD, the improvement of unexplained physical symptoms and phobias, mind and body confidence, improvements in addictions and the achievement of personal goals.
It relieves states such as anxiety, anger, grief and low mood whilst removing blocks to happiness, wellbeing and success.



Hypnotherapy relaxes the conscious mind in order to allow the subconscious mind to receive positive suggestions and encourage new ways of thinking via visualisation. It can eradicate bad habits and phobias and strengthen willpower.

What my clients say...

“My partner and I were constantly arguing over nothing. Now we very rarely have any disagreements or slanging matches. We're getting on really well and talking through any issues that arise rather than shout and scream it!
I feel more open and relaxed towards him and others."

Sonia, Taunton

“Hi Louise Sorry for the delay in responding. I have found the therapy very useful indeed. The grief has lifted a great deal and I’m am feeling happier and healthier.
Thank you again.”

Claire, Taunton

“I am feeling a lot happier and confident in myself, I just feel lighter as if I've come out of a dark tunnel. I really feel that the regression has helped me. ”

Deborah, Taunton

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is hypnosis?

    Hypnosis creates a deeper inward focus and calms the conscious mind that is planning day-to-day activities.
    The effect of hypnosis in Regression Therapy is similar to reading a good book, or enjoying a hobby - you are completely absorbed, yet you know where you are and you would hear the doorbell if it rang.
    In Hypnotherapy it varies, but as a general rule it feels similar to just starting to wake after a night of sleep, whilst still feeling sleepy.

  • What will it be like to visit old memories in Regression Therapy?

    In Regression Therapy we visit memories of situations that were challenging. During the session you will revisit these memories, but with tools that can allow you to feel supported and empowered. Even the release of old emotions in themselves can feel liberating.
    You will also be aware that you are addressing people and events whilst in a room with a therapist and the people that you found difficult in the past are not actually there with you.

  • During my life I have suffered trauma that has lead to PTSD - if I have Regression Therapy will I end up in a past life?

    During the session, we will follow an emotion which will take you into the most relevant memories relating to the issue you are currently facing. Your thoughts and emotions from the trauma are likely to be strong and therefore you will probably find yourself working entirely with current life memories.
    The session/s will take you wherever you need to go in order to address the issue, which makes Regression Therapy incredibly effective whether, for example, someone is wanting to address relationship issues, is suffering from PTSD after serving in the armed forces, or because they are being affected by trauma from a past life.


All therapies can be delivered online, in Taunton town centre, or by visit to your home.

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